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In the making of the previously posted cymatic work, each day included the ensemble of paper pulp and sand, color, circles, sound frequencies and the inspirational use of music—and sometimes silence.

In arriving at the studio the last precious day, the wet paper formed the previous night awaited me. I stood alone in the room, silent—meditating, listening—waiting, waiting. After days of intense, focused work it was clear—there was not one circle left inside me, not one. The body of work was complete—yet, I had these seductive white forms before me—waiting. I chose Bach for inspiration, listened again, lifted the black-pigmented pulp and danced amongst the forms, pulp painting in response to the music. Different times of the day initiated different responses, different marks. Upon reflection I realized this line work would not be complete without the sand inclusion signifying this mark in time—the circles (!) chosen in contrast to the line. These forms—this work while mindful and disciplined embody human experience, relationships, and interconnections informed ultimately by inner and outer landscapes.