Altered Books
13' Diameter; Circle Floorpiece

The leather bound copy of Gone with the Wind—along with the well-worn, red and white gingham checked Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook might no longer grace the once affluent bookshelves for reasons of obsolescence in form and function. With access to immediate downloads of everything from Canterbury Tales to the recipes of Epicurious’ four forked chicken pot pie—the need for such objectified possessions may simply no longer exist. The instant dissemination of text, information, images, and recipes is at our fingertips when the physicality of the carrier of information shifts to the current kindle or i-pad.

Bibliophilism was created from discarded books, rescued from library dumpsters, estate sales and donations. These books had seemingly lost the purpose for which they were originally intended. Bibliophilism explores the missing part in the electronic medium—the tactile, resonance and communicative quality embodied in the physicality of form.